Monday, 27 May 2013

143/111 - Requiem by Lauren Oliver

I bought this very recently and decided to read this in the car once more as its an easy read. I had also already read the first two books in this trilogy, so I thought I'd be able to pick up where I left off. However, I did find that the first two books had left so little impression on me that it was a little tough to square up who all the characters were and the journeys they'd been on.

It seems like there's also a crazy trend in YA fiction at the moment for two-guys-and-a-girl scenarios (or maybe it's always been that way - I'm not heavily into YA books) and I find them kind of irritating. Very melodramatic.

I was also kind of unsatisfied by the ending of the series - I'm going to ruin this for you if you haven't read it, so look away now. When they finally infiltrate the city and start tearing down the walls, I was expecting there to be some sort of transitioning period where all the citizens begin to realise how wrong and prejudiced they have been, and maybe they will all decide to reverse the Cure or something. Nope. Instead the book ends with them tearing down the walls and that's it. Which I guess is sort of a hopeful ending, but I found it to be sort of a cop-out. We don't even really know who Lena chose as her super awesome boyfriend in the end! Annoying.

I enjoyed this book for what it was, which was a great distraction from a boring car journey. I also enjoyed it because I got to impress my little brother, which I rarely do, by reading the whole thing in one sitting, as it was a nice, easy read.

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