Sunday, 26 May 2013

141/111 - The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead by David Shields

I can't remember why I bought this book, however I think it might have been because I read the preview on iBooks, and found it quite interesting. It's book seems to be part biography and part biology of the human body, and I found it to be both uplifting and depressing.

I found it uplifting because there were many moments of lightness and lots of really interesting facts. It covers lots of different stages of human development, from fertilisation and implantation, to puberty, to death, all interspersed with personal anecdata. However, the depressing part was how he catalogues all the points at which humans reach their prime, and it's clear that according to the science, I'm pretty much past my prime now. I'm starting to lose brain cells, my fertility is going down, I'll start shrinking and losing water and my metabolism will slow down, and basically I'm already on a march to death and never even realised that I had reached that point yet! What a shame that I never realised my power as a younger woman!

That's all from this, I can't remember too much else specifically that I enjoyed, but overall this was good.

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