Friday, 6 December 2013

165/111 - Joyland by Stephen King

Of course I was going to end up reading this at some point! I've actually had this for a few months but had been saving it for my holiday that I am currently on. I really like reading Stephen King in large chunks because I find myself getting so caught up in the story. Reading it in dribs and drabs of ten pages here and there is really unsatisfying for me, so I wanted a good chunk of time where I could just read this uninterrupted.

It's part of the Hard Case Crime series, like The Colorado Kid, so I think I hesitated a little reading this because I'm not a huge crime nut, but when I read this it didn't really fall into the category of crime as I see it in my mind. I guess it was more of a mystery, which is fine as that's probably an off-shoot that comfortably fits into this genre.

It's set in the 70s and told from the point of view of an older Devin Jones who is remembering the year after his first year of college where he went to work in a theme park called Joyland. He moves for the summer to work at the park, makes new friends, gets his heart broken and tries to solve the mystery of who killed Linda Grey on the haunted house ride. Throughout the course of this he learns a lot of stuff about life, which sounds really cheesy but I'm too lazy to articulate it any better at the moment.

I really enjoyed this, as I almost always do with Stephen King books, and I don't think there's really any need for me to elaborate on that any more than I already have. It kept me enthralled with a good story and compelling characters that made me want to read and read and not stop, and that's pretty much all I ask for in a book.

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