Sunday, 14 October 2012

110/111 - X'ed Out by Charles Burns

So I only have two books to go before I reach 111 books, and I want to finish soon, which is leading me to maybe cheat a little bit by reading a couple of very short things. Which are still books, but a bit naughty really.

I decided to go for X'ed Out because it's one of the shorter ones I have. I got this from Vintage when I was doing work experience there. At one point during the two weeks, while everyone was encouraging me to take books with me, I started sending them back to my house rather than carrying them all the way home on the train, which was pretty cool. Especially since X'ed Out is a fairly large book.

I guess I enjoyed reading this, however there is something about the Charles Burns stuff I've read that I really like, but that I'm not sure I'm getting. I feel like I'm not quite grasping the meaning of the words and the art. X'ed out is the first book in a trilogy in some strange world that keeps flicking between dream and reality, or so it seems. There is a main character called Doug, who seems like a bit of a selfish prick. At some points he is in a bed looking pretty sick, and then there are flashbacks from before he became this way, and then there is a dreamworld which is really weird looking and he sort of looks like Tintin while he is in the dreamworld.

I think I felt a similar way when I read Black Hole, which was that it was all very mysterious and dreamy and a lot of the voices merged together, however this was slightly less satisfying because it was so short. The next part of the trilogy came out at the beginning of this month, so maybe I'll see if I can find it to read the next part.

Next: not sure yet, but probably something short.

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