Tuesday, 27 March 2012

69/111 - Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

I picked this up recently because it's the sequel to Delirium, which I read last year. It's the second book in the trilogy, however I was quite surprised by how slim it is - I was expecting a somewhat meatier volume, based on the trends of other teenage girl trilogies, but whatever.

I remember sort of enjoying the first book, in that it was an interesting idea, but too safe and chaste for my taste, and this book was much the same, really. The book alternates between two timelines - the first is Lena after she has escaped into the Wilds, and she is taken in and nursed back to health by a group of people she has been taught to fear and hate. In the second timeline, she is working as a mole back in regular society, trying to infiltrate a hardline organisation run by a pretty nasty piece of work. He is so against love that he is willing to sacrifice his son Julian, who will probably die from the procedure, to prove a point.

Obviously, something is going to happen with this dude.

So as far as Lena knows, her old love, Alex, was killed while they were trying to get over the border. In between mourning him, she seems to harden up a little bit and eventually starts warming to Julian. There is all sorts of subterfuge and hiding, escaping and being very hungry, and eventually they discover that they have 'feelings' for one another. More deception and stuff happens, and then the ending appears to be relatively happy - everyone is safe and they're back on their way to go into the Wilds to re-group and plan their next attack. Then guess who appears? ALEX! Wow, didn't see that one coming (I totally did).

It was okay, kind of lame and cheesy, but the idea is quite interesting, so I'll probably end up reading the last one when it comes out. It's a nice for what it is, which is an easy read and a bit of escapism.

Next: Not sure yet, I'll see how I feel.

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