Sunday, 22 January 2012

56/111 - Palo Alto by James Franco

When I heard that James Franco was writing a book I was sort of intrigued, because he's not primarily known for his writing, and he's kind of attractive, so I thought 'why not'? I also liked the cover very much - a plain grey background with a shiny blue embossed design.

I didn't really like this at all. For the most part I found it dull and boringly violent. It's kind of like a book of short stories, but they're all to do with the same group of people, and they're all teenagers who are bored and alienated and lonely.

Every story seems to turn to violence and disappointment, and not a single one of these people are good or happy or likeable in any way. This doesn't necessarily make for bad writing, however I also didn't like the fact that none of these characters are compelling. They are all dull and I could barely finish this book.

This group of teenagers all sort of know each other, and pretty much all they do is get drunk, get high, get laid and get violent with one another. I couldn't stand this. So boring, that I'm not going to write anything more about it.

Next: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

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