Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So I've been um-ing and ah-ing for a while now about whether to get an iPad. I use them a lot in my day to day work life, but I had never really thought about using one in my spare time. However, it's become fairly obvious to me recently that if I want to do better at my job and have a better understanding in general then I really ought to get used to using the thing in my real life, too. I've had this iPad for about 3 hours now and so far so good!

One of the things that I have really resisted is reading on an e-reader/iPad, and my opinion hasn't really changed much so far. Nevertheless, I have bought a couple of short stories and magazines to try out on the iPad to see how I get along.

Deep down, I'm sure it won't be all that bad, but I'm still a firm believer that I will never truly be able to switch to e-books from paper books. I still love the physical object of books too much. To me, there is nothing quite like having a wander in my local bookshop and picking books up and choosing things in a whim based on my mood, or what looks good, or even what cover feels good in my hands. With e-books, I would lose all that. Where would the joy of browsing be? It's not anything to do with snobbery, for me it's more to do with imagination and the feeling I get when I sit with a book and pick it up, and turn the pages and crack the spine. That, for me, is such a huge part of the enjoyment. It's too impersonal otherwise. But still, I promise to give it a try.

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