Tuesday, 3 April 2012

73/111 - The Killables by Gemma Malley

I saw this book only the other day and the premise looked interesting so I thought I'd go for it. It was on an 'adult' table in Waterstone's, but I got the feeling from reading it that it's really aimed at teenagers, and I'm pretty sure that the author is also a teenage author.

It's an idea very similar to a lot of the books I've read recently, but it was quite poorly executed. It's set in a world where evil is the worst thing possible, and must be eradicated. All the citizens are monitored constantly and they aren't allowed to leave the city, and are told that anyone dwelling outside the city is evil and to be feared. Basically, it's exactly like the plot of the Lauren Oliver series about love, but substitute love with evil.

The plot of this book was pretty similar, the main character does her bit in the society, but is never quite sure that it's right for her and always feels a bit out of place. She meets up with a guy called 'Raffy', whose name I can only remember because it's so shitty. Raffy is the brother of some other dude, who the main character is 'matched' to and will have to marry.

I'm not going to explain any more because it's basically the same exact book.

I really didn't like the writing in this, in parts there was a lot of superfluous detail, and in others it moved ridiculously quickly. The main character has basically no personality to speak of and is pathetic and weak (no doubt in the second book, she'll be 'stronger') and the other characters are painfully cliched. God I sound like such a bitch.

This was dreadful, I've learned my lesson, and now it's back to Jasper Fforde for me.

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